Oct 23, 2014

23 Blast Movie Review

  I just reviewed the movie "23 Blast" due in theaters tomorrow and it has to be one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.  This movie is  based on a true story about 2 childhood friends growing up in Kentucky,  where playing football is their favorite thing to do.  Jeff Baker and Travis Freeman are perfect on the football field from childhood through high school.

  After a game, for the Corbin Redhounds, Travis gets a severe headache and his face begins to swell.  Surgery is required leaving Travis blind.  Travis and his family are devastated and Travis begins to give up on school and life.  It takes the help from a good girl friend - Ashley and his old friend - Jeff to get Travis back into school and soon he begins to play football again.  There are problems all through Travis playing for the school football team.  With Travis being blind, many parents and others are against it which can even cost the head coach his job.

   Without the help of Jeff, who feels like he has always been in the shadows, Travis could have never made it.  Their friendship is remarkable.  

  I don't want to tell you how the movie ends, but I will say you will be touched tremendously.  I found myself crying and clapping out loud with love for Travis and his friends.  This movie is amazing and truly inspiring to others with any handicap.  23 Blast teaches us that vision comes from within and I know it truly does after watching this movie.

  23 Blast is a must-see for you and your family.  It is rated PG 13 so little one's won't be able to get in, but if they are older please take them to see this movie, you'll be glad you did.  23 Blast will open Oct. 23, 2014 a at theater near you.  Check for listings here.

*Thanks to 23Blast for allowing me to review this movie.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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