Oct 22, 2014

Brabham Racing Review

  Project Brabham Launched To Bring Iconic Team Back To Racing – 
Join The Journey

•    Brabham to return as a world-class racing team and eventual 
     constructor with openness and transparency at its core
•    The power of global collective thinking will be used to win the FIA 
     World Endurance Championship and Le Mans 24 Hours
•    Iconic team name to grow open source racing model with aspirations 
     of Formula 1 return
•    Brabham-Digital portal will give fans, drivers and engineers unrivalled 
     access to the inner workings and allow genuine contribution to the 
     team’s development
•    Motorsport community invited to crowdfund the opening phase of 
     Project Brabham and become part of the team’s journey to 
     sustainable racing 

   Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK – Wednesday 24th September 2014: Brabham, one of the most successful names in motorsport history has launched Project Brabham in a bid to come back as a world-class racing team. In the pioneering spirit of triple Formula 1 World Champion Sir Jack, Brabham will return through an innovative model of open source racing to build and fund a sustainable team. There’s just one essential ingredient required for it to work – your participation and crowdfunding support.

  The exciting new journey begins with Project Brabham, where the motorsport community can become a key part of the team and shape its future through crowdfunding. The first to back Brabham Racing’s vision will get exclusive rewards only available through this first phase, while a variety of packages enable people to get involved for as little as one pound. For full details on Project Brabham visit www.brabham.co.uk
  For Jack’s son, ex-F1 driver, Le Mans winner and multiple sportscar champion David Brabham to bring the iconic name back to racing, it has to be about more than just being another team. It will be about the very embodiment of Brabham with a far bigger purpose than winning, engaging with people on a deeper level so Brabham can fire imaginations once again.

  Brabham aims to return to the track in the FIA World Endurance Championship next season with a three-year LMP2 programme. In year four, the marque will finally return as a constructor by way of LMP1, with firm intentions of winning the only world title for sportscars and the greatest endurance race on earth, the Le Mans 24 Hours. Series such as the FIA Formula E Championship could also be a consideration while Brabham hopes to one-day return to Formula 1.
  Openness and transparency will be at the core of the Brabham Racing team. Giving fans unrivalled behind-the-scenes access will provide a greater racing experience, incredible insight and knowledge about the team and the wider sport, while Brabham also plans to inspire drivers and engineers across the globe.

Join The Team. Get Involved

  Joining Brabham and being part of this exciting new journey offers the opportunity to not only interact in motorsport at the highest level, but also genuinely contribute to the re-launch of one of the world’s most widely revered and celebrated team names. To find out more detailed information, back Project Brabham and become part of the team, visit www.brabham.co.uk

  Check out the Brabham Racing Project and get involved today!  You can also check them out on their Facebook @http://www.facebook.com/BrabhamOfficial 

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