Oct 20, 2014

Pure Marula Cleansing Lotion Review

 Marula is the first ever doctor endorsed beauty oil.  Made from a combination of pure Marula oil and aloe vera, Pure Marula Cleansing Oil is great for cleansing the skin and leaving it nourished, glowing and radiant.  
 John Paul Selects is one of the leading sellers of skin products.  JPS is under the leadership of John Paul Dejoria.  Together they have a commitment to beauty and anti-aging.  Marula is a naturally superior oil that is harvested in Africa.  In 2013, Marula provided 4,000 women with jobs and income.  Within the next 2 years, Marula is set to provide 20,000 jobs to women in this region.
  Marula oil is the ultimate age-defying beauty oil.  This great oil cleanses and hydrates the skin and leaves your face looking years younger, (after several applications).
  You can purchase Pure Marula Cleansing Lotion by John Paul Selects, from the Marula website for only $38.

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