Oct 7, 2014

Tiggly Counts IPad Math Toy

 Tiggly Counts is the newest toy that children 3 and up can use with their iPads.  This set comes with  interacting counting toys that work with parent and educator approved apps.
 With the Tiggly Counts your children only need the counting toys and an iPad.  There isn't a blue tooth or any special settings needed.
 What is so great about this special toy from Tiggly Counts is that your child gets to physically interact with the problems on each game. Each rubberized toy has sensors on the back to correspond with the app on the iPad.

 Tiggly Counts helps with number sense, counting skills and understanding adding and subtracting. Counts includes 3 free apps.  Download all the apps on October 9 and the presale begins November 21.
 The 3 free app icons are:
1.Tiggly Addventure - Tiggly sets off to deliver an apple to his grandmother.  Help him count and build bridges and ladders along the way.
2.Tiggly Cardtoons-Your child uses their counting toys to bring imagination alive.
3.Tiggly Chef  - You and your counting toys help bring silly recipes to life with the help of a mustached chef.

 Tiggly Counts is safe to play and safe for your iPad.  This amazing product has already won the 2014 Tillywig Brain Child Award .
 Click here to get 30% off beginning Oct. 7 @ 9:00 am until Nov.21- using this code: UNIQUE CODE IS TIGGLYCOUNT
 I know you will love Tiggly Counts because it is fun for your child and it teaches them good math skills while they are playing.  Visit Tigggly Counts on 10/7 @ 9:00 ETZ  here and get this for your child today.

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*Thanks to  Tiggly Counts for allowing me to work with them.

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