Nov 18, 2014

Educents is Giving My Readers $10 Off Their First Order!!!

  Educents has always been one of my very favorite sites to visit and order from.  Whether you are a homechool teacher, craft lover, Sunday School teacher or just love to try fun things with your children - you need to check out Educents.  Below are some of the types of educational products Educents has to offer you:

   Everyone knows homeschool books and lesson plans can become very expensive, well that is not the case when you purchase them through Educents.  They have many subjects and every grade,  Below is a picture of some good homeschool material - very well priced:

  The government package above is only $4.99!  What an unbelievable price.  This set makes learning the branches of government fun.
  Would you like you child to learn to play an instrument, but you just can't afford the prices for private lessons?  With Educents your child can learn to play guitar, piano and more from the privacy of your home at a super great price.

  There are so many fun things for you and your children to do at Educents.  The prices are so great you will find yourself going back for more and more.
  Right now if you will sign up for Educents to become a member - I can earn money and you will receive a $10 credit to use on anything you want from Educents, (no minimum or catches).  Please sign up under my personal tracking link:    I could really use the money and I bet you can use the extra savings.
  So please visit Educents and sign - up using my link and order the kiddos in your life some really cool products.  Thanks so much and have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!!!!

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