Nov 24, 2014

JustGoGirl Athletic Pads Review

  After childbirth, or even as we get older, our bodies are never the same.  The muscles around our bladder seem to have stretched beyond repair.  You will know the next time you sneeze or laugh really hard.
 JustGoGirl has developed a pad to wear during a exercise workout.  Every athlete that has had babies knows the dilemma of jumping rope or running he treadmill. JustGoGirl personally knew this problem as well.  This led them to developing a pad that you can wear during exercise that will protect your clothing and not look like you have a bulky diaper on underneath.

  If you are wondering what makes JustGoGirl pads different from incontinent pads or menstrual pads then you must read this:
 JustGo Pads™ are different because they’re designed with the absorbent core of the pad directly underneath the urethra, where protection is needed. This means the leak is concentrated in the front, not the back, and the pad is therefore not visible from behind.

 No more will you have to be worried about everyone seeing your pad through those expensive Yoga, Lycra or Spandex pants.  These JustGo pads are really thin, but super absorbent.  The shape and the design are what makes JustGoGirl pads different.

 Right now - for the holidays - you can subscribe, the first month will be on them, plus you can obtain a 15% discount every month with free shippingAND- another holiday special--December 1st  through  December 31st, JustGoGirl will be offering 10-pack samples (instead of the regular 2) in their new retail boxes.  Shipping must be paid (usually $2.32), but samples are free.

  I recommend you trying JustGoGirl pads.  They really do work great and they keep your clothes dry.  Very affordable prices and for the extra 8 samples right now for only paying a small s/h price, it is definitely a must try.  Visit the JustGoGirl website today.

*Thanks to JGG for allowing me to review for them.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
* I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
* I received this product in exchange for a honest, written review.

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