Nov 20, 2014

Pocket Protein Kidz Review &15% Discount Off Orders

  Are you tired of your children getting junk in everything they eat and drink these days?  There are to many products that proclaim to be healthy and good for our children's bodies and then when we read the fine print it is all junk hidden behind what looks good.  Well, finally there is a drink that is good, is healthy, has no hidden artificial sweeteners in it  and other great facts--Pocket Protein Kidz! 
 Pocket Protein Kidz was not thrown together over night, it took caring people that consulted with pediatricians and dietitian's to make the right product.  
 This delicious drink is just what moms everywhere have been looking for.  Kids love the taste too!  Just pop them in a backpack and drink them anytime of day or night.  Pocket Protein drinks do not have to be refrigerated so they are good whenever your child wants to drink them.

 An apple and a Pocket Protein is the perfect balanced snack.  These drinks are: made with real apple juice, no artificial sweeteners, no gluten, nut-free, fat-free, lactose - free and there are no artificial colors used in Pocket Protein Kidz drinks.  One Pocket Protein has 7 grams of protein + essential vitamins and minerals.  
 Our children need energy for their minds as well as their bodies.  Educators and Physicians stress the importance of a good diet with plenty of protein.  The brain absorbs the protein where it is used for processing information, storing memories and helping the child stay alert.
 As you can see Pocket Protein Kidz is the real thing--nothing harmful or fake.  The makers of PPK want your children to be as healthy as they want their own to be.
 Right now you can purchase the Mom Pre-Order where you Buy 6 and Pocket Protein Kidz will Give 6 to needy children.  You can also take a 15% discount off your order at the checkout by adding the promo code MIMIPlus- you can be entered to win a $500 Visa Gift Card!!!

  Please check out these wonderful snack drinks for your child today.  They are great tasting and they are the real thing.  Along with giving your child a super healthy drink, you get to save 15% and be entered to win a $500 Visa Card. will also be helping children who might not get to have Pocket Protein Kidz without your order.  This is a giving - giving situation and everyone can benefit from Pocket Protein Kidz drinks.  (Hurry because the discount ends 12/2)

*The opinions of this product are strictly my own,
*I received this product in exchange for a honest, written review,

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