Nov 19, 2014

Rumors of Wars DVD Review

  Word Entertainment brings us another outstanding movie - "Rumors of Wars".  This post- apocalypse movie begins with Roxy, a college student studying journalism, and her classmates being told by a man that all students will be getting a chip placed in their right hand so that they can buy, sell, eat and get life's necessities.  The college professor orders the man from his classroom and tells Roxy not to get the chip.  Roxy writes everything in her journal and the professor gives her secret information that he wrote in her journal.  After Roxy reads the message she begins seeking out the truth behind the chip.  During the scheduled mandatory chip placement, Roxy escapes in search of the professor, and the truth behind the government's rules.
 Move ahead several years later and the movie shows the one world order has already began seeking out the Christians, and those without the chip, to kill them.  Shaw works for the alliance and believes he is doing right by killing these people.  The leader of the alliance demands a one world government to be ruled by him.

 Shaw finds the diary that was in a pile of rubble which had been written years before by Roxy.  Shaw reads how Roxy found the professor and he explained what was to become of everyone according to the Bible prophecies.  Shaw then begins to question his role and the what is actually right - the alliance or the believers of Christ?
Watch a clip from the movie here:
 Shaw changes his life and becomes a believer, after hearing a man and other followers speak of God's love and the forgiveness that God will give him for all the bad things he has done.  The movie ends with the war still going on with the alliance hunting down and killing Christians.
  I could not stop one minute during my watching of this awesome movie.  The actors portray the future just as we believers in God believe to happen for those who have not surrendered their lives to God before Christ returns.  This movie will warm your heart, but also wake you up.  I will be showing this movie to many friends and family members.  This film is wonderful and I recommend everyone purchasing it and watching it.
Excellent movie!

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