Nov 20, 2014

Susie's Hope DVD Review/Giveaway

  Animal abuse is tragically a world wide problem.  Dogs, cats, and even horses are being beaten, burned, starved and left, killed or left to die because some people do not care about animals.  I reviewed a beautiful movie titled, "Susie's Hope" which takes place in North Carolina.  This true story created a law in North Carolina, which sees that animal abusers receive stricter punishment.  This law is - Susie's Law.

  Donna Lawrence was attacked by a pit bull dog which landed her in the hospital and nearly took her life.  With time Donna finds out the dog that attacked her had been abused and this caused the attack.
 One day Donna finds a pit bull mix puppy that had been severely beaten, then set on fire and left to die.  Donna saves this puppy and names it Susie.  Susie was treated badly by her previous owner and one day she licked the face of her owner's infant baby with love and the owner turned on Susie and tried to kill her. Donna takes Susie in and tends to her wounds.

  Watch a clip from the movie here:

 With time and healing physically and mentally, Donna and Susie both heal and begin a lifetime of love as a family.  Together Donna, along with Susie, begin the effort to seek justice and protection for all animals.  This year Susie received an outstanding award for her good actions and the  saving of others- Susie is now a trained therapy dog and  won the American Humane Association’s American Hero Dog for 2014.

 I love animals and I loved this movie.  I hope that more laws like the Susie's Law will be passed in all 50 states so that animals are protected and those who harm them will be prosecuted.
 If you would like to win a copy of this movie - "Susie's Hope" then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  I know you will love this movie.  Good Luck!


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  1. I own a Jack Russell Terrier and 4 fish. I could never imagine doing any harm to an animal.

  2. Yes, I own a dog, her name is Maddie and she is a Jack Russell and Pomeranian mix (:


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