Nov 15, 2014

The Wolverine Collection on DVD Review

  The 5 DVD Collection of  The Wolverine is composed of some of the best Wolverine comics ever.  On October 14th, Shout! Factory released - for the first time ever- this wonderful set.  Here is a list of the featured shows found on this collection:
 Wolverine: Origin, Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth: Reborn and Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today.

  Pictured above is Wolverine and Sabretooth in one of the biggest battles between these two - ever.
 Nick Fury asks Wolverine to help him with a huge problem - the Hulk.  Wolverine is more than happy to assist in the Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk.          
 Wolverine X: Tomorrow Dies Today lets you meet the Cybernetic Robots from the future.   Wolverine's life gets complicated as he has to deal with the terrors or these robots.
 Wolverine : Origin tells the tale of a young boy long ago and an experiment gone wrong.
  All these movies are found on this first - time set.  Your follower of the Marvel Comics and Wolverine will want to own this 5 disc set.  What a great Christmas gift this would make!  You  can check out this DVD set on the Shout!Factory website.

*I received this product in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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