Nov 21, 2014

TP+ Cleansing Foam Review

Georgia Pacific has developed a unique way to keep our bodies extra clean - TP-Cleansing-Foam  Now you don't have to worry about not feeling clean because it seemed like toilet paper alone wasn't enough.  Just add a drop or two of the foam cleanser onto toilet paper and clean as usual.

When I first thought about using this product I was afraid it would leave me feeling sticky or wet, but it doesn't.  The cleanser dries quickly leaving you with the security you are fresh and clean.

Another thing I like about using tp+ Cleansing Foam is that it is safer on my septic system than the usual wet wipes.  We just had our septic tank cleaned out and our plumber said it was full of wet wipes.  He also said the wipes will not dissolve, they will only clog the tank.

The foam goes on like hand sanitizer and it does not soak up the toilet paper.  The consistency of the foam is perfect, it just lays on the paper and doesn't soak through.  I was also pleased with the fact that the foam did not burn my skin or cause it to dry out.  Having sensitive skin can be tough when most products irritate me, but this cleansing foam did not.

 I would have to say I totally recommend tp+ Cleansing Foam.  It works well, one bottle goes a long way, the price is just right and the extra hygiene is great for every one.  If you would like to buy some you  can only get it on Amazon, and the Amazon link I provided above, gives you $3 Off Coupon (click "Clip Coupon" directly on the Amazon page).  I believe you will not be disappointed with this product.

*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I received this product in exchange for an honest, written review. 

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