Feb 5, 2015

Get Your Carpets Cleaned From The Best!

 Wall to Wall Fresh Air

Your wall to wall carpets do much more than provide attractive and soft flooring. They collect dirt, dust, pet dander and mold and keep it out of sight. A thorough vacuum cleaning makes carpets look fresh and clean, but this is only skin deep. They require professional cleaning on a regular basis to provide healthy as well as attractive flooring. Rather than adding to the pollution in your home with a traditional chemical carpet cleaner, it’s recommended to use environmentally-friendly wall to wall carpet cleaning NJ.

Some Myths about Carpet Cleaning

The first myth is that you can wait as long as possible before calling a carpet cleaner. This is unwise because the hidden dirt acts as an abrasive on your carpet’s fibers and wears them out. Your carpet will not only look better but last longer if it is cleaned regularly.

The second myth is that dirt is what makes carpets dirty. This is not the whole truth. Dirt is one thing, but dust mites and their dead bodies, pollutants from the outdoors that are carried inside, cigarette smoke and many more things build up over time. Your carpet is like a filter and as with any filter, it works best when it is regularly cleaned.

The third myth is that harsh chemicals are required for a really clean carpet. This is not only false, but the truth is just the opposite. Environmentally-friendly carpet cleaners remove all the dirt, bacteria, pollutants and allergens without replacing them with toxic fumes to pollute your home.

The fourth myth is that anyone with the right equipment can clean carpets. This misconception could be dangerous for your carpets because a professional will analyze your carpet’s fibers and select the proper cleaning process.

The fifth myth is that you can get an accurate price for cleaning your wall to wall carpets over the phone. A good company will come to your home and examine the fiber, size and condition of your carpet before giving you a quote.

Some Preventative Measures

There are a few things you can do to help keep your carpets clean.

• Leave shoes at the door
• Vacuum often
• Hire a green carpet cleaner who discloses all the ingredients in their cleaning products

It’s easy to forget about the hidden contaminants in your carpet, especially if you have few spills and rarely need to hand-clean areas. However, if you have pets and children, it’s worth having them regularly cleaned with environmentally-friendly products.

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