Mar 29, 2015

Migalolo the Ocean Musical eBOOK - Free App Review

  Do your children ever ask you what kinds of animals live in the ocean?  Do they also wonder how deep the ocean is and which sea animals are nice and which one's can definitely hurt them?  I know my grandchildren are fascinated about the ocean and all it holds.  When I was asked some of these questions and more, I usually have to look up information on the computer.  These kids are so smart and they want facts.
 Well, now there is an app that you can get that will answer their questions and it will have them singing and dancing around as they learn.
 Migalolo the Ocean Musical eBook can be ordered today for free.  Perfect for the iPhone, iPad, iPad 2 and Android.  Watch this delightful, brightly colored app with your children, I loved it!

 Henry and his cat Iko get turned into dolphins so they can discover all  the sea has to offer.  Henry also learns about problems that we humans cause, that are making major problems with the sea animals and their surroundings.  Kids will learn about important conservation topics, the science of the seas, and what they can do to help protect the Earth’s oceans.

  This app explores many important ocean topics, but does so in a fun and engaging way. The catchy tunes will have kids singing about the seas. Sing along with original songs as you watch rich graphics that show off scores of diverse sea creatures in their colorful undersea environment.
  This new app from award-winning composer Shirley Choi invites children of all ages to experience and learn about the ocean in a fun, interactive way.  Happy Diamond Music Studio, the creative team behind Kakamega: The Rainforest Musical, invite you to dive into this fun new app!  Happy Diamond Music Studio is based in Hong Kong.
  Migalolo features nine chapters which supplies over ninety minutes of educational, musical fun!


  I have watched this wonderful app with my grandchildren several times and I find myself singing the songs again and again.  Install this app for free from Store and open it on YouTube today. 
  I recommend you downloading this app and watching it with your children.  The colors are so vivid and the characters are super cute.  I know you will not be disappointed with this app.  Get it while it's free.

*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*Thanks to  Shirley Choi for allowing me to review this product.

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