Apr 30, 2015

Coosh Mfi-Certified Rapid Dual-USB Port Car Charger with Built-in Lightning Cable and Micro-USB Adapter Review

  I received the Coosh Mfi-Certified Rapid Dual - USB Port Car Charger from Tomoson.com in exchange for a honest review.  I was so happy to find a iPhone charger that had a coiled cable so it doesn't get hung up on everything.  The Coosh charger charges my phone super fast.  I love the light that indicates when your phone is charged.  No more picking it up to check the charging status.

 Coosh Mfi Car Charger works on Apple gadgets, Android products too.  You can now charge your iPod, phone, iPad and iNano from this charger as well.
 I am always needing a car charger because my grandson loves playing games on my phone which in turn drains my battery quickly.  With the Coosh charger, you can charge your phone super fast and have it ready to go again.

 Purchase your Coosh Mfi - Car Charger from Amazon.com  Get one because I highly recommend it.  It works quickly and is made very well.  


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