Apr 9, 2015

Homeschool - To Do or Not To Do?

   Texas allows any parent to home school their child/children without any person coming into your home and insisting upon proof of what you have taught and what you haven't.  This is the state I live in and I have actually home schooled 3 high school students for 1 year each and they all proceeded to get their G.E.D's with each one passing their test the very first time.  All of these students were aged 17.
  Many parents today are afraid that home school means quitting or copping out.  I have talked to many parents who feels this way and they will not take the time to gather the facts and understand mine, and others, reason for homeschooling.
  So the question is - to home school or not?  What are the pro's and con's to each side?
  Let me first give you my reasons why I choose to home school:
 1. I am very concerned with what my children are being taught that is against our beliefs as Christians.  God has been taken out of our schools and this is a horrible decision made by our government.
 2. Bullying has become a major concern across our country in all schools today.  Suicide has become the answer to some children who can not cope with bullying.
 3. Children in a classroom of 20+ students are not able to get that one-on-one attention that is a must-have for many children.  Some children are sometimes embarrassed to seek out the teachers advice because they may be to shy which can result in a child failing due to lack of understanding.

 4. Most students in school learn by going into a dull classroom everyday.  Home school allows for many field trips. Sometimes it may be to visit a butterfly field or to city hall.  Learning about life can include the essential core programs a child needs to know. Science, History, Reading and Math are added easily through these trips.  Writing an essay about each trip helps with grammar and English skills.
 5. My children are not influenced by drugs and peer pressure at home like they can be at school.
 Now I can explain reasons some parents feel home school is bad.
 1. A child will not be able to cope in life without learning how to mingle and socialize with many other students.
 2. A child who is home schooled won't be as smart as children that are schooled in a public school.
 3. There are not any extra curricular activities the home school child can do.
 4. Parents who speak only English will be unable to offer their child a foreign language.
 5. Home school children will never go to college.

  Quite the contrary to what the non-home school parent feels - they are completely wrong on all 5 of these reasons. As for the nonsocial homeschooling, this is a huge mis-conception.  We belong to a group in our area where there are 10 more parents who home school their children.  This group has 35 children ranging from ages 4-17.  Our group takes field trips, has random sleep overs, and my children have made friends with some of the very best kids anywhere.
  I recently read an article on Yahoo that stated how some college counselors preferred a home schooled child to the average public school child because they have learned one on one and addressed every core subject which usually results in the child passing their entrance tests with high scores.
  As for teaching home schoolers a foreign language, there are many online courses which the child learns at their own pace.  You can also purchase any individual class online that will include an online teacher and online testing.  Algebra to Chemistry, Trig to French, any can be done online.

   My conclusion to the do's or dont's of educating a child at home are my personal beliefs.  I was dealing with a 10 year old that was being bullied and hearing horrible language in public school.  Since I have home schooled him for one year I have a very outgoing, smart Christian child that has no interest in drugs and is the starting pitcher on our communities baseball team.  I have a good friend who's 13 year old daughter competes in area gymnastic competitions and she is home schooled.
  So, whether you feel public school is better or whether home school is your choice, it all depends on your feelings.  Some people are not able to teach their own children and if you are one of these parents, but would love to home school, please check your area for those who home school and I know you will find a family that will teach for you.
 Every child is different and every parent is as well.  I just know my decision to educate my children at home is in their best interest and I will continue to do this unless the laws change.  I hope you have read this article and enjoyed it.  God Bless.

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