May 19, 2015


   If you were given $101,000 would you be kind enough to give it all away to a family more in need than yourself?  What about giving them half?  Or maybe you feel you need it all to get you out of debt and be able to live comfortable?  This season CBS has a new show titled, "The Briefcase", and you can watch and see if other people feel the same way as you do.  
  CBS announces the new reality show, "The Briefcase ", featuring hard-working American families experiencing financial setbacks who are presented with a briefcase containing a large sum of money and a potentially life-altering decision: they can keep all of the money for themselves, or give all or part of it to another family in need. The series premieres Wednesday, May 27 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

   Watch this clip below for a glimpse into this exciting new series:

   The way that this show works is each week, two families have 72 hours to learn details about each other’s challenging circumstances and make the weighty decision of what to do with $101,000.  However, what they don’t know is that the family with whom they are considering sharing this financial windfall received an identical briefcase with the same instructions. Throughout their journeys, relationships within both families will be tested and beliefs questioned as they find out what really matters most in their lives, and how much importance they place on values such as love, generosity, compassion and faith.
 Here are just 2 of the many families to appear on The Briefcase. 
  I wonder what you would do?  Leave me a comment below telling me how you feel about this.  Remember this is what you would do if you were a contestant on The Briefcase.  It doesn't matter what you think I want you to say, just leave me your honest opinion.  This question is just for fun.
 I asked several of my family members what they would do and everyone said they would give the other family half of their money.  This is what I would do as well because $50,000 is a good lump of money and we could definitely use it and I believe the other half would benefit the other family as well.  

  Let's all tune in on the 27th of May on CBS and watch as our fellow Americans are presented with a possible life changing amount of money.  I feel like we will all be in for some surprises.  Human compassion can sometimes rule our decisions more than concern for ourselves.

   *Thanks to the Role Mommy Blogger network and The Briefcase for allowing me to spread the word about this interesting game show of a different sort.
    *The opinions of this show are strictly my own.

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  1. I've seen commercials for the show and it looks interesting. I bet most would want to keep it for themselves but who wants to look selfish on tv?!


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