Jun 3, 2015

Gold'n Plump’s “What Flavor Do You Savor?” Quiz and Review

  Gold'n Plump's Chicken Patties are raised the right way, by family farmers. They're given the best care, fresh, filtered water, and locally sourced nutritious feed.  One huge concern of mine when buying chicken to eat, is the fact that some companies inject hormones to hurry the growth of the chicken.  How can this be good for us to consume?  That is exactly why Gold'n Plump does not add any hormones to their products. This company wants us to eat good, healthy foods from them.

  Gold'n Plump Chicken compared their chicken to other brands and they found several differences.  Here are a few:
Other brands are weighed down by stuff that's not chicken, and we are paying for it.
The other companies cut their chicken where the size fluctuates which means uneven cooking.
Fat is not trimmed from the other brands of chicken which adds more weight and cost you more. Solutions are used as an additive to enhance flavor and juiciness to the other brands - not to Gold'n Plump.
  Do you know any other company that rewards you for purchasing their chicken products?  I didn't think so, but did you know Gold'n Plump does?  That's right - they offer coupons and reward you with points to purchase things like cookbooks with your saved points.
  Take the Gold'n Plump's quiz to find out which flavor you savor.  You will receive a $1.00 0ff coupon for playing.  I took this quiz and found out I was a Tex-Mex flavor favorite.  There are 4 wonderful tasting flavors for you to choose from:

Mushroom & Swiss
Bacon & Cheddar
You can find these chicken patties in your freezer section.  If your grocery doesn't sell Gold'n Plump then please request it.  Their chicken products are sold all across the US and it is continuing to grow to more and more stores.  You can also purchase these and their other products at Amazon.com online.


 To find great recipes, coupons, reward prizes, facts and more, check out Gold'n Plump's website here.
  You can also visit their Facebook and Twitter for other news.

 *The opinions of this product is strictly my own.

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