Jun 18, 2015

Ultrasonic Control Selfie Stick by SUMSONIC Review

  I was very fortunate to review the Ultrasonic Control Selfie Stick by SumSonic.  This selfie stick works several different ways than most other selfie sticks do.  This selfie stick has a push button control to take every photo precisely and it also has a charging port for the included cable.

  This is how the selfie stick will arrive and you may not think it will extend to a longer stick by looking at the size of the box, but it actually stretches out to 39 inches.  This will give you a long enough stretch to reach those hard to get pics that you normally can't zoom in on as well as you can with this stick.


 What the different about this selfie stick is it uses sound waves to take the pictures, it doesn't use Bluetooth so your phone battery will last longer.  Another plus with this selfie stick is being able to zoom in and out from the stick.  This stick has a rechargeable battery inside and is charged by a USB port that is accessed by screwing a small cap on the bottom of the stick off. It also has a threaded port that can be screwed onto a tripod.

   I really like this selfie stick and we plan on using it a lot on vacation.  This stick will help us get pictures in those hard to reach areas such as over the cliff or inside the caves we plan on visiting on vacation.
  Order yours today from Amazon.com for a super low price of $17.  They were originally around $80 so this is a great price.

 *Thanks to Sumsonic for allowing me to review this product from them.
*The opinions of this products are strictly my own.
*I was not monetrily compensated for this review.
*I received this product free of charge from Tomoson in exchange for a honest, written review.

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