Jun 9, 2015

What's It? Game by Peaceable Kingdom Review

    Today a game came in the mail just in time for summer.  My kids are already bored and summer just began, so you can imagine how excited they were to get a new game to play.  Peaceable Kingdom has the best games for children, they are very fun games that educate, stimulate and inspire.
   The game I received is called, "What's It?" and it is very fun to play.


  The object of this game is to draw something from the shape on the card and it has to be in the category that is on the dice you rolled.  Opponents must guess the object before the timer is up.  Every player will get a chance to draw what is on the card they drew from the pile.  

  Every person gets a board to draw on and a marker to draw with.  Pictures can easily be wiped away with just a paper towel. Teams work together trying to guess the other persons drawing.  It is fun for everyone who draws and guesses.

  Some of the objects are easy to guess and some are kind of hard.  Hopefully you draw pretty good and you guess even better. 

   Peaceable Kingdom has many games that are perfect for your child's age.  They have diaries, cards and even valentines.  Their games are all cooperative games.  What are cooperative games?  Cooperative games emphasize play, not competition. Families learn to work and play together in respectful and compassionate ways. They learn to share, make decisions together, and trust one another. Cooperative games encourage inclusion and build confidence.
   As you can see in the picture above, everyone in my house plays the game.  Even Braxton who is only 3 and can't even read yet, but he has fun drawing his own pictures and guessing at everyone else's pictures.
  "What's It?", will be a family favorite around my house.  I love Peaceable Kingdom and what they stand for.  Good games at great prices.   Perfect for classrooms.   Peaceable Kingdom games are sold at select stores everywhere or you can order online here.
*Thanks to Peaceable Kingdom for allowing me to review their game.
*I was not monetarily compensated for reviewing this product.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest written review.

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