Jun 25, 2015

Young Hercules - The Complete Series on DVD Review/Giveaway

  It's here!  The complete series of Young Hercules starring Ryan Gosling.  For the first time on DVD,  the early years of mythology’s mightiest man are revealed in Young Hercules: The Complete Series!     This series contains all 50 episodes of the action adventure series in a 6-DVD set, as well as the bonus feature - Writing the Legend of Young Hercules.
  Half-god, half-man Hercules (Ryan Gosling, The Notebook) and his friends, Prince Jason (Chris Conrad, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) and Iolaus (Dean O'Gorman, The Hobbit Trilogy) — struggle to find his place in the world and learns what it means to be a hero.
 Your children will love watching this show just as you did over 15 years ago.  Finally the series has been released on Shout!Factory.  Order your copy today for less than $25.00
  Watch the opening clip as the son of the God Zeus discovers what lie's ahead of him:

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