Jul 25, 2015

Aleratec High Speed HDMI Cable Supports Ethernet, 3D & 4K (1440P and 2160P) - 6 Feet, 2-pack Review

   Above you see a 2 pack of 6 feet long (each) High Speed HDMI Cable from Aleratec.  I received this product free from Tomoson and no compensation was provided for reviewing the product.  My grandson was so excited to get to try these cables out on his XBox  because he literally goes through 3 to 4 a month of those cheaper cables.

  My grandson is always moving his XBox from one room to another, or to someone's house, so what makes this cable better than most is the connector housing is the metal/rugged plastic housing, which is an important feature if you connect and reconnect your HDMI cable frequently.

 The cables are very well constructed with gold ends that fit perfectly in the ports and the length being 6 ft. long is really great.  You can use these cables on gaming systems, T.V.'s, computers and anything else that you use a HDMI cable on.  My grandson said since he began using this cable, his screen is sharper and brighter.  He said he definitely prefers the Aleratec HDMI cable a lot more than any of the others he has used in the past.

  Aleratec HDMI cable supports ethernet, 3D and 4K (1440P and 2160P) which is great for any upgrades.
 You can purchase this 2 pack of Aleratec High Speed  HDMI from Amazon.com for only $19.99.  I highly recommend this product.

*The opinions of this product is strictly my own.
*I received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this product.

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