Jul 18, 2015

Carapex Shampoo, Conditioner and Foot Butter Cream Review


   A group of researchers in the 1980's decided to look into why certain species were longer-lived than others, and what caused their cells to stay healthy for such long periods. They also looked into people who kept their youthful appearances well into their years, and did extensive testing based on their findings.  The resulting complex was expensive, difficult to produce, and very rare; thus it was only available to a very small group of elite cosmeticians and dermatologists who only used it on the rich and famous people.  Carapex has created a full line of body care products using this complex, now called the Carapex Moisturizing Complex. Their goal is to make this amazing Complex affordable and available to everyone, and include it in an ever-growing range of quality products.
   I had heard of Carapex and new it was suppose to be some very wonderful working skin and hair products, so when I was contacted by Carapex to review a few of their products, I was tremendously happy.
  The first product I reviewed was the Body Butter that works great on my dry, cracked heels and rough feet. 

  I love the feel of this soft whipped cream.  I rub it into my skin and onto my heels every night after my bath.  This Body Butter has a superb rich texture and long-lasting hydrating effect. It deeply moisturizes the roughest area, soothes skin irritations and heals cracked, parched skin.  The butter has no added scent, but there is a fresh, light scent from the natural ingredients used to make it.

  I was also allowed to review the Carapex Moisturizing Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner.  Both of these products contain pure aloe vera leaf juice which helps with brittle and sensitive hair.  They neither one contain any fragrances, because this is what can make your head itch and weigh the hair down.  The aloe is natural and won't cause any allergic reactions to your scalp.
  I was very pleased with all 3 Carapex products.  I love that they are natural, fragrance and color free because I have used products that contained all that unnecessary stuff and I know it isn't good for your body.
  If you are interested in purchasing these, and all other Carapex products, then please check out their website and take a look around at all they have.  I believe you will like what you see and you can order right from the Carapex site.
*Thanks to Carapex for allowing me to work with them.
*I received these products free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*The opinions of these products are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review. 

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