Jul 9, 2015

Catching Faith DVD Review

   From RLJ Entertainments comes a wonderful family movie titled, "Catching Faith."   This movie is centered around the Taylor family, John and Alexa and their 2 children, Beau and Ravyn.  Beau is the star of the highschool football team and Ravyn is super smart in her school grades.  Everything seems ideal, John and the kids pray together and Alexa pretends to thank God for all she has.  Alexa is very self- centered, worried only about her appearance and her place in society.
  One day Alexa's dad suddenly dies and on that very night the Taylor's are looking for Beau so they can get to the hospital before his grandfather dies, but it is to late.  Beau was drinking and picked up by the police, then let go, because the town needs him for the football team. 

  While all this is going on Ravyn is given some papers to copy by her teacher for the upcoming Latin final and among these papers is the Answer Key.  Ravyn is torn between cheating so she can pass the test and secure the Valedictorian spot, or to chance it by studying.
  Alexa is a member of a small Bible study class where she mainly just sets and listens because she doesn't feel her family has any problems.  The only thing that gets on her nerves is her mom who moved in with them since she lost her husband.
 John learns of Beau's drinking experience and he tells Alexa that they need to tell the coach.  Drinking is against school policies and if caught the student will no longer be able to play during the season.  Finally Alexa agrees that the right thing needs to be done.  Beau is very upset as he turns himself in to the coach.  Beau will set the bench for the remainder of the season.  Alexa is noticing things differently and worrying less about herself and more about what God wants.  She takes a lot of bad mouthing and ridicule for having Beau turn himself in.  Some of her friends don't like this new Alexa.

  Ravyn decides not to cheat and begins to study like crazy, Beau excepts his punishment and roots his team on.  Alexa has become very involved in her church group and John continues to pray.
  Just as the school's team is losing and barely makes the playoffs, the coach, played by Bill Engvall, tells Beau he can play in any playoff game because the rules were set for only during the school games.  What a wonderful day it is when Beau and the team wins, Ravyn has the highest grade in Latin, without cheating, John and Alexa have drawn closer to each other and to God.  Alexa now sees what it means to be happy with the help of God. 
  You will want to watch this movie with your children because it teaches, honesty, truthfulness, good morals and how to be accountable for all our actions.  This is a fantastic movie with great actors.  I highly recommend this show, it will help your whole family with some valuable life lessons.  This movie is due out in August 18, 2015 and you can pre-order it today from Amazon. com, be sure to get it for your family.  You won't be disappointed!

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