Jul 13, 2015

Help Stop the Deaths Caused by Mesothelioma

  July 26th is National "All or Nothing Day" and it is set aside to celebrate living life to the fullest.  
A man by the name of, Cameron Von St. James emailed me to honor his wife and her story beating the odds of mesothelioma.  This case of Heather surviving is an amazing story of someone, just like you and I, who made it and is alive to bring awareness of the causes, and treatments, of this horrible disease.
  10 years ago, Heather was diagnosed with mesothelioma at the young age of 36.  Heather had just given birth to their baby daughter when she received this tragic news.  The diagnoses said the disease was actually,  malignant pleural  mesothelioma and the cause was unknown exposure to  asbestos fibers from the work jacket her dad had worn when she was a child.  Up until the 1970’s, many building materials contained Asbestos. Asbestos was used in many plants and factories and workers breathed in the Asbestos and it was brought home from work on their clothing and bodies.

  Heather was diagnosed in 2005, and after months of testing, Heather underwent a life-saving surgery at the Boston Brigham and Women’s Hospital with Dr. David Sugarbaker.  Heather’s treatment involved the removal of her left lung, and ultimately saved her life.
 Asbestos is still NOT banned in the US and Canada On average, those diagnosed with mesothelioma are given only 10  months, (300 days) to live.
  Cameron is so happy to have his wife and his daughter's mom alive, that he wants everyone to help ignite a global ban on the toxin, asbestos, that causes it.  Heather was only given 15 months to live and she has made it 10 more years!
  Please everyone help Cameron, Heather, their daughter and thousands of others who have lost a loved one to Mesothelioma and the one's who are battling it today, to spread the word to rid the world of Asbestos so we can all celebrate living life to the fullest. 

  *Get more  information on asbestos and mesothelioma @CancerAlliance
  * Heather's Blog @HeatherVSJ

  Remember to celebrate on July 26th-- " All or Nothing Day" ! 

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