Jul 30, 2015

"Uncommon" a Movie Staring Erik Estrada & Ben Davies Review

  I just had a wonderful opportunity to review a movie that is perfect for today.  With our government taking prayer out of school, God out of schools and any thing they can do to keep the students of today from worshiping our creator, along comes a movie that proves the kids in school do not have to let this to ,happen.
  Uncommon stars Erik Estrada, a janitor at Rosewood High School, and Ben Davies, who has just recently moved to Rosewood.  Aaron ( Ben Davies), and his mother moved because where they lived before, a school shooting took the life of his brother and his mom thought they needed a new start.  Aaron isn't comfortable when his first class is being taught by a non-Christian, Mr. Stephens who will do everything in his power to keep religion out of Rosewood High.

  Aaron decides to  have a positive impact at his school so he organizes a Bible study class, but finds himself in direct conflict with his teacher, Mr. Stephens, who tears down his announcement from the school bulletin board.
 The school has also just had a huge budget cut and the drama club is the first to go.  Several students are relying on scholarships for their acting abilities and now it is taken from them. 

  Aaron has a plan to add the Bible into a play and go ahead with their program, but Mr. Stephens has other plans.  While learning about the Bible, as they practice the play, each student becomes uniquely influenced as they discover that God takes them personally.  Equipped with unique talents, they bond together to prepare the perfect production by exploring the diversity of parables taught in the Bible.
  Mr. Stephens has the school hire a lawyer to see that the play and Bible study are removed from the school, but Mr. Garcia (Erik Estrada), has away to stop this.  Mr. Garcia has a great lawyer friend who takes on the case and together they go to court to fight the school system.  I shouldn't tell the ending , but it is so good that I have to---Aaron and his friends win!  The Bible study can continue and the play will go on.
  This group of students have also been helping out at an old folks home where they fall in love with the patients.  As the play begins, Mr. Stephens has a change of heart and even sees to it that the older people get to attend the play.

  I loved this movie!  It is perfect for today because it shows these students how to defend what they believe in and if they want it bad enough God will get it done.  It is an amazing movie for the whole family to watch.  You will feel so overjoyed to feel the victory God has in the end.
 This movie is a JC Film and you can order yours online here.  Your older children will love it - mine did and so did I.
 Please purchase it for your family today, I promise you will be very  happy yo see it.

*The opinions of this movie are strictly my own.
*I received this product free of charge, in exchange for a honest written review.
*I was not monetarilyly compensated for this product in any way,

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