Jul 16, 2015

Winners of the Caption This Party Potty

Thank you to everyone who entered the Potty Party! We are excited to announce the winners and the top captions we liked best, but first a BIG thank you to the awesome brands that participated. Please give them a like :-) Pee-kaboo potty sticker, BabyBjörn US, PeapodMats, and Rockin' Green Soap! Now for the WINNERS and top captions! Drum roll please...

Jennifer Phillips and Ashley Chassereau Parks - Congrats!

Top Captions:

3...2...1...blast off!
Excuse me...I am in need of some assistance here!
Don't wait for me. Potty on!
Look mom! I went potty just like Superman!!!
I rock on the pot.
I am number one at going number one!
I'm number 1 at Number 2!
Freedom.... from Diapers!
#1 party pooper
#1 down, #2 to go!

As a special thank you for entering enjoy 20% off Pee-kaboo Potty Sticker with code POTTYPARTY20 - hurry! Ends  on July 17th!

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