Aug 13, 2015

"Start Where You Are" a Journal for Self-Exploration Review/Giveaway

   "Start Where You Are" is a colorful, fun filled journal written by Meera Lee Patel.  Meera shows off inspirational quotes, words of courage, delightful artwork that helps people write about their dreams and future aspirations.  Meera does all this through the use of charts, pictures to color and places to write how you feel this day and what you want to do tomorrow.  With this journal you can write down so many things that can help you relax and it is so good for your mental health.

  Meera Lee Patel believes that we need to start NOW, start anywhere, to move ourselves forward – and no act of creation is too small.  If you think you are not creative or lack artistic talents, then think again because you can be both of these things.  Just take this journal and read the great inspirational quotes and then on the opposite page Meera has written a task for you to complete.  Whatever you have written, or drawn, is challenging your mind and no matter how big, or small, your project is, you can do it.  These simple things can bring the inner peace and well being to your mind, which makes you feel better and less stressed.  All this is so good for the body and mind.
  I love this journal.  I have written several things and surprised myself at some of my answers.  I know when you  open the book to do a task, it will pull the imagination out of you and you will love it.
 Meera Lee Patel is known for her stationery and textiles in boutiques all across the country.  Meera is remarkably talented and all of her work is great.  I recommend everyone checking out this journal. "Start Where You Are" will make a great gift for anyone who wants to become positive and move forward.

  "Start Where You Are," is sold at Target, Amazon, Books A Million and many other stores across the country.

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  1. I'm working to better myself in many different ways (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) so, this book sincerely sounds awesome! Thank-you for this exciting chance. :)


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