Sep 23, 2015

Teeconomist T-Shirt & Child Review

  Teeconomist was created with one important goal in mind: to support talented artists/designers from all around the world. They noticed that featuring a design for 24 hours only, leaves some people without the option of getting a great tee they really want. Not only that, since they receive lots of designs they do not print all of them.
 They decided to do something about it. Teeconomist V2 now offers a wide variety of designs. Oh, you can now choose the color of the shirt you want! Not only that, they have expanded their product line to include kids and babies wear. Hey, why not letting everyone wear these super cool and unique designs right?
Below is my grandson Braxton in his Troop Loops shirt.  He loves this darling shirt!

 Limited Edition Pop Culture Shirts are on sale daily for just $10, and more...
   Hurry and add this special shirt to your collection for $10 only.
"Gods and Thunders" by Samiel
   U.S Shipping from $3.50 (Worldwide Shipping Available)

   Teeconomist V2 now offers a wide variety of designs. You can still get that amazing $10 deal for the first 24 hours sale.  Then it will be added to their shop for another price.

  There are many, many designs for adults- unisex, children, toddlers and babies.  I ordered my grandson's t-shirt and received it super fast. It came in my mail 3 days later.  It was a size 3-4 and it fit perfectly.
  If you would like to submit a design for a t-shirt, then visit here and sign up: Teeconomist.
  Visit Teeconomist's social sites for all the current sales and info:
   Facebook Twitter, & Pinterest

*This review is strictly my own opinions.
* I received a shirt in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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