Oct 11, 2015

Kabob Skewers Rack from Cave Tools Review

  I recently reviewed for an awesome product from a company called Cave Tools.  Cave Tools makes a variety of tools used for grilling and inside cooking. 

  • Cave Tools create high quality barbecue and cooking tools that lasted for years.
  • Cave Tools offer boutique-style customer service from real people.
  • Cave Tools provide more value than their competitors by going above and beyond for their customers.
  They combined their vision with some good old fashioned American hard work and Cave Tools started to grow. Customers starting writing in to them expressing how satisfied they were with their products and how surprised they were that their customer service actually follows up on every order to make sure the transaction went smoothly. Crazy Right?
As their customer base grew, we decided to give more back. They developed their own barbecue recipe book with step by step instructions and tutorial videos. They created an internal meat temperature guide and built the Cave Tools member’s area to be an educational resource for all things grilling. Instead of charging, they decided to offer all of this great information for free to their customers as their way of saying thank you.
What started out as a small company with a BIG vision has grown to touch the lives of thousands of people throughout the United States and abroad. No matter how large they get, Cave Tools will always stay true to their Entrepreneurial Roots because hard work and perseverance is in their blood.

  When you purchase from Cave Tools, you get much more than just a cooking product. You become part of the Cave Tools community where they treat you like family.
  I chose to review the Kabob Skewers Rack and it is wonderful!  You can cook any meat and veggies on it and with the design of this rack- everything will get be done at the same time.

   If you love Kabobs then you really need to buy Cave Tools Kabob Skewers.  Wood skewers give you splinters and they can burn and metal skewers get to hot and you have to oil the food to keep it from sticking.  Food never sticks to the grill, it cooks close enough to ensure doneness, comes with built in food slider to push food off the skewer, there are 8 different positions that gives your food a 360 degree rotation and stainless steel cleans up easily and quickly. You can purchase this Skewers Rack on Amazon.com for only $19.99 +free s/h/
   This Skewer Rack from Cave Tools is perfect and my family and I love cooking with them. The food comes out very well cooked and tasty.
*I received this product free of charge, in exchange for a honest written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this review are strictly my own.

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