Dec 20, 2015

"Wild Notes" a Book about Birds & Other Fleeting Things Review

   Bird watching, once considered a gentle hobby, is now known to be a wilderness adventure enjoyed by rough and ready men and women of all ages.  In the book, Wild Notes, the author Mike Lubow journals several year’s worth of daily observations of birds and other fleeting things.  
   In this book there are many different sightings of many different kinds of birds.  Woodpeckers sparrows, doves, waxwings and many more birds are seen in different parts of our world.  Some of these birds are found right in the back yard, while others are sought out.  Many of these birds will fly by the windshield or even build nests in your garage.

  This author uses many quotes, mostly those of Thoreau.  I never knew many of the things I now know about birds before reading this book, such as 70% of the Eastern Meadowlarks have declined over the last decade or that male turkeys flaunt their facial blobs under their chins when they become aggravated.
  This book shares great dates of bird watchings and sightings.  I love the authors wonderment of the woodpecker and how each one is identical to the other.  Mr. Lubow writes that he wonders if they know they look alike and what it is to be identical to many others.
  If you like birds, you are sure to love this book.  Each page is filled with a day of bird sightings and wonderful knowledge.  This book is a joy to read.  You can find this book on and it sells for only $11.03

*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
* I was not monetarily compensated for this product review. 

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