Jan 28, 2016

A Doggy Vacation

A Doggy Vacation

  When you go away for a vacation and don't have a place for your dog to stay, a daycare might be an option. This is a facility similar to a daycare for children, but the staff and environment are geared toward dogs of almost any size. You need to contact the dog daycare Michigan facility beforehand to find out about any weight limits for the animal or any limits on the breeds that are allowed. 
  Most centers have a video system so that you can keep an eye on your dog while you're away. The video can be seen on your computer. It's best to meet with the staff at the center before making a final decision so that you get a better understanding of how the animals are treated and the activities that are offered. If you find the conditions suitable, then you can make arrangements for the dog to stay there while you are gone. 

 Your dog will usually need to have a basic set of vaccines before staying at the daycare. These include rabies and parvo. Not only is it for the safety of your dog, but it's for the safety of the others as well. You can sometimes take your own food if the dog is on a special diet, or you can let the staff feed the dog the brand that is offered. Treats are often given during the day, especially after playing. If the weather is nice, then most centers will allow dogs to play outside with others so that they can socialize. This is a good way to see if your dog would do well with another if you are thinking about getting another pet for the home. 

  Day Care: Fun and Friends
Dogs will usually stay in a small area alone when they are not outside. However, there will be other dogs in the vicinity, so they can hear each other barking. If you find a luxury center, then there could be a television in the area or a dog bed to make the stay a little more comfortable. Some centers will also offer training sessions and spa packages for dogs.

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