Feb 20, 2016

"Snowtime" coming to theaters TOMORROW Feb. 19,2016 Review

   Have your children ready (2-19-16) for a wonderfully animated movie titled, "Snowtime" that will be shown in movie theaters nationwide.  This is truly one of the best movies I have seen in a while for children.  Mine loved it!
  When the story begins a small village of children have just gotten out of school for their Winter break and considering they live where snow is very abundant, the snowball fights begin.
    As the days go bye, the kids all decide to have 2 teams snowball fight each other. There are two main leaders of this small group of schoolmates, Luke and Sophie and they both are 11.  Luke is very smart and he never thought he would find himself the leader of his group, he also has a crush on Sophie.  Luke is very obsessed with his dad's bugle which means the world to him and is with him always.

  Then you have Sophie who's new to the village, but she is very well liked.  Her bright ideas sometimes go way out there.  For instance once she liked to fill the snowballs with paint.  Sophie is also a champion skier.
   This gang of mixed personalities divide into 2 groups.  Sophia's group builds a huge snow fort.
   Below is a picture of the group of children ready to defend their chosen teams.

  These 14 friends, and one dog, begin their battle for the snow fort and at no expense for the opposite teams feelings.  These kids sure start to take it too serious.  Before long each child realizes how awful they are acting towards each other and they decide to take it out on the huge snow fort.  The first team to tear it down is the winner.  This decision is a lot more fun and everyone remains friends, finding the lesson of true friendship to matter most.
  Watch the clip from the movie below:


 Go here for a tracking of selected cities that will show "Snowtime" on the 19th.
  I know your family will love this movie and before you know it there will be a DVD out and hopefully I can hold a giveaway for one.  Snowtime, is a fun and teaching movie - it shows just how special friendship means and why we all need to treasure it.

*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this movie are strictly my own.

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