Feb 26, 2016

The Mustard Seed - a Book by Peter Szondy based on the story by G.M. Mercier E-Book Review/Giveaway

"Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it"
Luke 18:17

  I received the most wonderful chance to read a remarkable book titled, "The Mustard Seed".  I really could not quit reading this book.  The company allowed me a month to read this book and write my review - I read it in 1 night.  It is that good and I found myself caught up in each page and unable to put it down.
 G.M. Mercier has a grandaughter who had been diagnosed with a tumor near her heart and this inspired him to tell a similar story which was written by Peter Szondy into this book titled, "The Mustard Seed".
 This story begins with a beautiful little girl named Sara.  This angelic little girl seems to always do everything right and she is so very kind to everyone.  Sara is 8 years old and she lives with her mother, father and older brother, named Danny in a small town in California.  Sara also has a grandfather that lives on a ranch with a beautiful lake, where her mother grew up.  Sara also attends a little church where she loves going every Sunday and she believes very strongly in Jesus.
 One Sunday Sara and her mom and brother decide to visit the grandfather, Sam, on his ranch.  Sara's grandmother died before she was born.  The death of Sam's wife caused Sam to not be a regular church goer and instead he usually hangs out at a local Catina.  On this day the kids can't wait to get to grandad's house.  As soon as they pull up a talk to grandad, the kids grab a picnic lunch and head off to the lake. 

"How will we liken the Kingdom of God? Or with what parable will we illustrate it? It's like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the Earth, though it is less than all the seeds that are on the Earth, yet when it is sown, grows up, and becomes greater than all the herbs, and puts out great branches, so that the birds of the sky can lodge under its shadow."

   At the lake Sara finds a dead bird and she questions Danny about bringing the bird back to life like Jesus could do and Danny says there is no way she can do it and Sara says ,"no I can't, but Jesus can." Sara begins to pray the Lords Prayer and she recites it over and over and over.  Sara even claims to see Jesus across the lake.
After about 3 hours Sara and Danny watch the tiny bird fly away.
 The book goes on and everyone starts to find out about Sara seeing Jesus and healing the bird through Jesus.  Soon, people are flooding their yard with people needing Sara to cure.  Sara does heal a girl of cancer, makes a blind girl see and causes a boy that was paralyzed to walk.  All these miracles happen because Jesus heals them through Sara. 
  At first Sara's parents, the Dr. and even her Pastor doubt Sara.  One night Sara tells her mom that Jesus said he is coming soon to take her home with him to heaven.  Around this time, Sara begins to get sick.  The Dr. discovers Sara has an inoperable tumor in her brain.  Most of the people around Sara still doubt her ability to help heal others.  The Dr. believes it to be illusions due to the tumor.  But, this Dr. also lost his son and the last words he said to him were bad so the Dr. blames God for taking his son away.  Sam, the grandfather, will not consider dating anyone or going to church because he too blames God for taking his wife.  There are also others who question Sara's truthfulness in the seeing of Jesus and in the healings.  Sara is given only 2 weeks to live and is dyeing more each day.
  Sam finds the girl Sara healed from cancer and asked her and the others who were cured to come to the lake where Sara saw Jesus.  The kids all bow down by the lake and recite "The Lord is my Shepherd" over and over and soon they see Jesus.  Sam realizes that Sara needs to get out of the hospital and return to the lake to see   Jesus and maybe he can heal her.
 The family refuses to let Sara leave the hospital because she is too sick so the kids and Danny sneak her out of the hospital to get her to the lake.  They get Sara to the lake and the adults follow, but when they get there the believers see Jesus themselves and Sara is dyeing, but Sara's mom sees Jesus carry Sara across the lake and Sara waves goodbye.
  I will leave this book review right here because I do not want to ruin the ending for those who buy the book or for my lucky winner.  I will say though that this book is absolutely wonderful!  It brings the good out in you as you read it.  You will feel the wiseness of a child who doesn't understand the big deal about seeing Jesus or dyeing or going to heaven.  Through the eyes of this precious little girl we can see the love of God displayed and how we adults have such little faith that it takes a child to show us.
 At the end of the book, G.M. Mercier tells how his grandaughter was miraculously healed and the tumor by her heart disappeared.  This is what encouraged him to tell his story.  Different people and different scenarios, but all the same meaning.  "The Mustard Seed" is a beautifully written book that I know everyone would love.  Read it to your children and help them understand God's ability to heal with faith.
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