Mar 29, 2016

Wish-bone Salad Dressings & E.V.O.O Oils

  Wish-bone Salad Dressing is a number 1 seller of salad dressings and oils.  I received these oils to review and I also was suppose to try the salad dressing in the flavor of Western, but my store was currently out of it.  I did however, get the 3 pictured above , and other one I used to marinate my chicken in - EVOO Caesar Vinaigrette.  It was a perfect marinade - made my chicken moist and tender.

    EVOO is a new line of Wish-bone salad dressings.  These oils help create the best salads because they have an added goodness of extra virgin olive oil.  Use these oils to enhance a salad, use in a recipe or as a marinate.
   My family has always used Wish-bone Italian as a marinate for pork, steak and chicken.  It tenderizes and adds flavor to the meat.
  EVOO comes in 5 flavors:
    *Garlic Basil Italian
    *Roasted Red Peppers
    *Lemon Herb
    *Sundried Tomato
    *Caesar Vinaigrette
   Visit the Wish-bone website and check out their recipes that use their salad dressings.

  Wish-bone Ranch is my families favorite on salads.  We also use it for dipping veggies in.
   I really love all the original salad dressings, but the new EVOO oils are wonderful.  I am very excited to try the Western flavor as soon as my store re-stocks it, this flavor is suppose to be like French dressing with more of a twang.
   I recommend you trying the new EVOO Salad Oils.  They are great and really perk up your salads and meats as a marinate.

* I received coupons free of charge to try these products in exchange for a honest, written review.
*The opinions of these products are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for reviewing this product.
*Thanks to Wish-bone for allowing me to try their products.

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