Apr 16, 2016

Pledge To Become A Butterfly Hero and You May Win a Trip To Disney World

  The NWF is asking all Americans to become Butterfly Heroes to help save the butterfly population. The Monarch butterfly and others are on a fast decline and today the NWF announced a program by Subaru to recruit 100,000 Americans to help save these butterflies.  To help reach their goal, the NWF is giving away 50,000 Butterfly Heroes Garden Starter Packs and Subaru will give out another 50,000 to all who pledge and sign up.
Learn more about the Monarch Butterfly!

  The Disney Conservation Fund is supporting the NWF and its efforts to save the planet and help teach kids lifelong conservation values.  The Botanical Interests is the official provider of the seeds in the packs.  These seeds are for growing the native Milkweed plant on which the Monarch butterfly needs to survive.  The Monarch butterfly was 1 billion in 1996, but has declined 90% due to loss of habitats due to agricultural processes and in Mexico and California there were signs of a small rebound this winter from the degradation of wintering habitat.
  By pledging and signing up to become a Butterfly Hero,  you will become eligible to win a trip for 4  from Disney at Disney World in Orlando.  Every person signing up will receive a free kit with the seeds for the milkweed plant.  (While supplies last - ends June 1)
  If we all just plant a small area with these seeds, in our yards or vacant lots, we can - hopefully- bring back the beautiful Monarch butterfly and other pollinators that our planet is rapidly taking away by man's destruction.  This plant provides shelter, food, water and a place to raise their young.  As the Monarch migrates north to their summer homes, it is necessary that they get their nourishment from the milkweed plant.
  Visit the Garden For Wildlife website to check out all the info about the decline of butterflies and other pollinators.
Be a Butterfly Hero!

  Please be a Hero to these gorgeous butterflies and set up your butterfly garden so they can re-build and become billions again.
Be a Butterfly Hero!

  Take the pledge to become a Butterfly Hero today!
*I received a butterfly kit for pledging to save the butterflies.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are my own.
*I was asked to write a post for the NWF and to post it on my blog for my readers to read.

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