May 10, 2016

The Hospital Box Review


  Recently I received the most unique product for review - The Hospital Box.  This box is perfect to put different items into and give to a sick person who is in the hospital. Everything in this box is simple to work with.  There are 3 cotton drawstring pouches, the feel better box and (21 )3-D stickers.  The stickers are so cute, they are bright colors, 3D and actually look like a bandage.  Some of the stickers are hearts.  Use these to attach a letter, photo, card or whatever you want to give to the patient.  Just attach it to the outside of the box or on the lid.

  Our church has been praying for a young boy who was in a horrific automobile accident and his name is Carter.  Carter was never suppose to open his eyes, but by God's healing and so many prayers he is recovering.  Carter's brain had severe damage and so did his heart.  The Dr.'s told his parents he most likely would never wake from the coma and if he did he would be practically a vegetable.  No talking, walking or eating.  Carter has proven them all wrong on everything other than talking and now the Dr.'s are cutting back on his med's so he can be more alert and try to talk.  You can read about Carter's amazing journey here.

  I wanted to give the Hospital Box to Carter, so our Team Kids on Wed. night decided to bring gifts for Carter and gifts for his family.  These gifts needed to be small enough to fit in the box.  Here is where we are at right now:

   In the "Open When You Get This" bag, is a picture of all the Team Kids who sent him this box.  In the "Open When You Need A Hug" are handwritten letters from our kids telling Carter how they are praying for him.  In the "Open When You Are Bored" is a little New Testament Bible.  Now, we all know Carter is unable to read or even hold these items right now, but we still have faith that God is healing Carter and one day he will be able to do all these things again, so for now his mom will have to read and show it all to him.

  So far in one night we added a Storybook Bible, for mom to read to Carter daily, small packs of tissues, pens and pencils and candy. Carter has younger siblings, so we wanted to add something for everyone.  I know we have a deck of cards coming, snack foods like crackers and chips, bookmarks, and a spiritual book for mom.  We will have this box full by the time it leaves next weekend to go to Children's Hospital in Houston.
  The box comes unassembled, but it is super easy to build, just takes a few seconds.  It is a 10in. x 10in. x 12in.  in size and the small bags are all 5in. x 8in. 
  The Hospital Box is a proud supporter of the Confetti Foundation.  They provide birthday parties for children who are in the hospital and unable to have a birthday party at home or somewhere else.  The Hospital Box will donate $1.00 for every box sold, to the Confetti Foundation.
  The Hospital Box sells for only $24.99 on their website where they also never charge for shipping, or you can purchase it on where it sells for the same price and s/h is free also. 
Right now the Hospital Box is offering ALL my readers a 20% off discount - use the words MIMI20 and shipping is free.
  This amazing company is asking if you would please help spread the word about The Hospital Box by visiting on Facebook, following on Twitter, like on Pinterest.  I would sure appreciate it if you would let them know on one , or all, social sites that mimilovesall8 sent you.  Thanks!!!!
  I don't personally know Carter, but I have young boys and I feel like they would love getting a Hospital Box if they were in a hospital.  Hopefully Carter will hurry up a heal so he can get back to being the active little boy he once was.  His family would appreciate any prayers you send up for him.  Thank you all.  Visit The Hospital Box website and buy one for anyone you know who is sick and stuck in the hospital. 

*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this product review.
*I received this product free of charge, in exchange for a honest, written review.
*Thanks to Hospital Box for allowing me to work with them.

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