May 23, 2016

Wise Guys a Book about Men and Their Hidden Wisdom Review/Giveaway

   Have you ever been around people that seem to have it all?  I don't mean money, home or material stuff, I mean people who always smile, always seem to be loving and caring.  These people are what Kent Evans was talking about when he wrote the book, "Wise Guys". Getting Wisdom is the Wisest Thing You Can Do- Proverbs 4:7  How these people became so wise is with God's help and sometimes the help of experienced mentors.  You know that Psychology professor that knew EVERYTHING - your mentor!  Well, that's how God is!
  Kent wrote this book in hopes to help men understand who they could get information on how to be a better parent, friend, co-worker and so on.  He took some of their words, with their knowledge and humour and wrote this book.

  I love the story of Monte who says it's all about God's Grace.  He refers to Grace being like Manna.  God gives it to us, not tons of it to shelve, but just what we need.  The more Grace we use the more he will give us.  I love this!  I want my grandsons to know this.  One has no dad, one has one he never sees and the other has one but he isn't a very good guy.  So they need mentoring by wiser men, so they can grow to be Godly men.
  With  over 50% of dads gone from the homes today it is hard for many young men to get taught the right way.  For a man to be married to the same woman and raise their children only is almost extinct.  Like Kent says this is contributed by drugs, affairs in marriages, crime and UN-Godly ways.  So, who will mentor these young men of today for the next generation?  I find there are good things such as Boy Scout leaders, youth directors, pastors, deacons of your church and men who just want to be that Wise Guy to a young guy.
 I love this book and I am a woman.  I plan on giving it to my son who is the mentor to my 3 grandsons.  He is an awesome dad and uncle, but I feel like even he can learn something new to pass on to others from this book.
  Just in time for Father's Day -"Wise Guys", by Kent Evans is an amazing book.  You must check it out and give it to a man you love in your life.  If you would like to try and win this book please enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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