Sep 27, 2016

"Long Way North" Movie to be Released in US Theaters Sept. 30 Review

  "Long Way North"is a movie that will be released this Friday in theaters all across the US, but Shout! Kids Factory and my blog are giving you an early look at this great movie.  This movie has won several awards in Tokyo and I feel it will here also.
   Re'mi Chaye' is the director of this film.  This film is not a comedy like movies for kids such as Cars, Cinderella ect...  It is more of a hand drawn animation and storytelling throughout the movie as well.
  In this film you will feel the love a young girl has for her grandfather and the determination she has to find him.  Sacha is the girl and her parents have already planned and chosen the man for her to marry, but Sacha is only concerned about her grandfather who sailed North.  Sacha is from Russia and her grandfather was as well, but he always had plans to visit the North Pole.
  Everyone figures the grandfather to be dead, but Sacha knows the ship was unsinkable.  Even though she knows nothing about anything past Russia, she decides to run away with a map her grandfather left behind.  Although Sacha is determined to go to the North Pole she has no money on her.  One day she meets a sailor who promises her a ride on his ship to the North.  All Sacha  has to give him is a pair of very expensive earrings her grandfather gave her.  So the man takes them for payment.

  Of course the ship leaves without Sacha so she has to become a worker in a pub to earn money for another ship going North.  At first Sacha is unable to keep up with the work, but soon she is putting all she has into the job and has actually become a hard worker.  One day the man who took her ear rings comes back to the pub.  The Czar of Russia has offered a great amount of money for the one who returned the lost ship.  Sacha recognizes the thief and demands her jewelry back, but the soldier has lost them in a card game.  When the soldier's brother, who is actually the true captain of the boat, finds out what his brother has done, he agrees to take her in search of the ship. Sacha shows him the map and off they go.

  Sacha soon finds life on the ship is hard work and some of the men are selfish and hard on her.  The ship they are traveling on sinks and everyone blames Sacha , but she finds her grandfathers ship and also her grandfather.  Grandfather has died , but the boat is still sailable, so Sacha and the crew get on the boat and head back Russia where the sailors can collect their reward.
  This is a great movie that teaches children to never give up and to be who they are.  The only problem I have with this movie is that is does say a few curse words and this is why I see it to be rated PG13, but to me this would of been a great movie for younger children without bad language. 

  All Sacha wanted was to find her grandfather alive, which of course she didn't, but she did see he did make it to the North Pole which she was very thankful for.

  I loved this movie and this Friday it will open in theaters.  Hopefully it will be in a theater near you now or soon.  If not I am sure it will be released for sale on a DVD.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  "Long Way North" is a wonderful movie and you can watch a clip from this movie below:  Enjoy:

*I received this book by CD to review free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this movie are strictly my own.
*Thanks to Shout! Kids Factory for allowing me to review this film.

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