Sep 5, 2016

Scalisi Skincare - Name the Game Changer Serum Win A Year's Worth of Scalisi Products $1,200 value

  I have used many of Scalisi skin products and loved everyone of them.  They have now created a wonderful new serum, and they want you to help name this game changer skin product.
This new product:
 *Improves Radiance and Evens Skin Tone
*Smooths, hydrates and reduces the appearances of lines
*Oil free - Parben free
*Dermal filler helps restore skin volume
*Works to visibly correct skin imperfections
  These are just some of this new gamer product skin helpers.  I know I have used it for 3 nights and I can feel it tighten and plump out the lines.  I have my name in mind and I plan on sending it in as well as all my entrants do.
  If you win, you will win a $1,200 value of 1 year of Scalisi Skincare Products and folks these products are amazing. What a great gift to win!

  This amazing game changer serum is due to be launched on the market by November 1 so get your name choice in because the contest ends 9/21.  This is another super skin product and it will be amazing just like all the other Scalisi products.  * You can pre-order your game changer serum here.
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*The opinions of this product are my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this product review.
*I received the product free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*Thanks to Scalisi for allowing this contest.

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  1. I think the name "game changer" is perfect to begin with, but I guess I will go with Scalisi Effectuate


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