Mar 31, 2017

Foundation for Fighting Blindness

  Do you know that keeping your eyes healthy can be just as important as keeping your heart working right?  Today more than 10 million Americans are at risk for AMD, (Age -Related Macular Degeneration).  AMD is the leading cause of blindness in people over 55.  But, with treatment it can be slowed down, or stopped and in some cases reversed if treatment is given in time.
  The foundation for fighting blindness provides information about diagnosing and treating AMD.  You don't want to miss your grandson's first home run or your daughter showing you her first baby.  You really need to download this free PDF about blindness.  You can download the PDF here:
 The symptoms of AMD are blurry central vision and difficulty seeing details. You will also have blind spots, dark or empty areas in or near the center of vision. Color vision may also be diminished. You may also see distortions of lines and shapes in everyday objects such as door frames. Color may also be diminished.
  Watch the video below about blindness below:
 All in all AMD is a very serious problem and it can cause a drastic life change. 
 The urgent mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness is to find treatments,
 and cures for people and to continue researching.  Please visit the PDF 
download and make sure you or anyone you knowstays in touch with the FFB site
 and visit your Dr. if  you should happen to have some eye sight problems.

*The opinions of this review are my own.

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