Nov 21, 2017

Utter Nonsense: Family Edition Game Review

  I love to play games and our family plays a lot of them through the winter months. When it is rainy or snowy outside, we pull out the games some popcorn and family game night begins.  I was very fortunate to review a game titled, "Utter Nonsense : Family Edition".  This game will have you laughing all night.
  The way we play this game is you give everyone, but the judge, 7 cards and you turn over the accent card.  Going clockwise the player will choose one of his cards that goes with the accent card and makes it a funny statement.  This goes on the same way until whoever is appointed judge stops it by saying theirs was the funniest phrase.  The winner of the funniest phrase then becomes the judge and the other judge gets to begin making phrases.

  My grandkids and I loved making up silly, unreal phrases.  This is a good game to play with kids because the simplest of phrases makes them laugh, so we all end up having fun.
  Utter Nonsense:Family Edition contains : 50 Accent Cards & 450 Phrase Cards. Players can choose to read or act out their phrase.  This game is intended for ages 8-up and is made in the USA.

  So, pull up your chairs, pop the popcorn and get ready to not make a whole lot of sense, but you will laugh and laugh as you play Utter Nonsense.  You can purchase this game for the sale price of $20  (reg. $25). @
  What a fun game to give as a Christmas gift.  A gift that lasts as long as you want to play!
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*I received this game free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
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