Nov 7, 2018

Walgreens Get a Shot - Give a Shot Program Review

  OK folks it is flu season again and I have heard that this year may be one of the worst flu seasons ever.   I have already gotten my flu shot and I want you all to know how much I trusted the Walgreens pharmacists to help protect me and my family with my shot and for all my pharmacy needs.  One of the wonderful things  about  Walgreens shot program  is they are doing a Get a Shot and then Walgreens will Give a Shot to children in need.

  Walgreens is a great store for all your personal needs, foods, snacks and definitely all your medicine.  I trust the pharmasist so much because an ER Dr. actually caught a medicine that was being filled and I couldn't take it with my other meds.  The ER didn't  know my other meds so, he had no idea but, the pharmasists had everything on my file and he caught it before I ever had the chance to take it.  Now that is the pharmasist you want! One who saves your life.  I feel Walgreens chooses their workers very carefully to make sure their customers are given the best.
  Now, if you haven't had the flu shot , or maybe your family hasn't either, then grab them up and head to your local Walgreens  to pick up some beauty needs, soft drinks and get the flu shot with the special looking red bandage.
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Get your flu shot. It's not too late to protect yourself. Learn more.

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