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Jul 24, 2012

Certain Dri review


Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant is available with 12 percent aluminum chloride, the active ingredient used in prescription anti-perspirants. Because Certain Dri® is water-based (vs. alcohol-based like its prescription competitors), it is available without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Created specifically to complete the line of Certain Dri antiperspirant products for those who want the same 72-hour protection from excessive underarm perspiration in a solid application.
  • The product is specially-formulated to provide everyday, all-day dryness for those who suffer from excessive underarm perspiration.
  • Certain Dri® Solid Anti-Perspirant contains 25% aluminum sesquichlorohydrate (Anhydrous). It is the only over-the-counter antiperspirant with this ingredient, which is more effective than the aluminum zirconium formula found in over-the-counter solid antiperspirants that are labeled “clinical strength.” 
I live in the very humid area of Texas and the temperatures here are raging in the super hot 100+ degrees.  Having a good antiperspirant is a major must-have.  If I just run up the driveway to the mail box I will sweat tremendously.  This is one of the reasons I wanted to try Certain Dri.
Certain Dri Roll -On worked great.  I can tell that I do not have near as much underarm sweat circles and my clothes don't seem to get as wet when I wear long sleeves.

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Right now Certain Dri is also offering one of my lucky readers the chance to try either the Solid or Roll-On Antiperspirant.  So enter my rafflecopter giveaway for a chance at winning this great product!

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