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Jul 19, 2012


I've been having some chest pains lately which had my Dr. concerned and he started me on a Beta Blocker.  I am only 51 but heart attacks don't care how old we are.  This problem has really made me want to try and prevent any future heart problems that could arise.   When I was asked to review this new supplement, Omax 3, I thought I might as well give it a try.  I'm glad I did and I now want to share this wonderful product with all my readers.

Omax 3 Ultra Pure has been shown in studies to help promote heart health and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation. 
Developed by physicians affiliated with Yale University, omax3 Ultra-Pure is tested twice for purity and is free of contaminants, such as unwanted omega-6 fatty acids, mercury, lead or PCBs, that can be found in fish oil supplements.  omax3 Ultra-Pure delivers unsurpassed purity and concentration of omega-3 content with more than 91% pure omega-3 content per soft-gel, compared to most omega-3 brands, which deliver only 30-50% purity and contain mostly fillers.
omax3 Ultra-Pure is also gluten-free, and is optimally balanced to support the body’s normal inflammation response to achieve a balance of EPA and DHA (4:1).
And because no one likes fishy burps, the omax3 Ultra-Pure soft-gels are easy-to-swallow and, when used as directed, won’t cause fishy burps, aftertaste or odor like many less pure omega-3 products.  
See for yourself how Omax 3 works:

omax3 Ultra-Pure is currently available at 

This product says it all with the results you will get from taking it.  I recommend everyone giving Omax 3 a try. Do it for yourself and your health.
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  1. I need this supplement because I don't eat any seafood.


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