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Sep 13, 2012

Tom and Jerry Tricks and Treats review


Here they go again, Tom and Jerry in a Halloween movie.  These crazy animals are at each other on this, just newly released, Tricks & Treats Warner Brothers dvd.  
In one of the 20 episodes,Tom finds himself being a knight to a mean king who insists he slay the fire breathing dragon.  Of course nothing ever goes Tom's way.  Jerry enters and it all turns into a big mess.

Another time Tom goes fishing to catch him some lunch and Jerry ends up on the end of the bobber.  Along comes a big fish, takes the hook, and off they go. Up and down a waterfall and being chased by a flying cat-bat.
There is a scary scene with Tom and Jerry in a haunted mansion.
As usual these two crazy characters get into more and more mischief all through this amusing movie.
I love Tom and Jerry and I love Halloween, so you can bet with these 2 things in hand, our family will have an awesome holiday!

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