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Nov 12, 2012

Intellectual Baby Reading DVD's review/giveaway


Can a baby learn to read?  Yes they can!  Just ask the very satisfied parents of babies everywhere that are so pleased with the results they have seen with Intellectual Baby.
Intell Baby knows all about teaching your baby to read.  Here is how the brain works with babies:
When babies are born, rapid brain development begins to take place.  Research has proven that a baby’s brain is wired to learn language.  This includes any language, whether spoken, written or sign. 
Many of us don’t speak a foreign language, so teaching our baby to speak one is pretty much out of the question.  But, we do know how to read and we can share this gift with our babies at a time when it is easiest for them to learn.  The funny thing is that it takes hardly any time at all and your baby will think it is all just a game.  
It requires no effort for your baby to learn to read.  Babies are just absorbing information at an incredible rate the first five years of life.  By playing the reading game with babies as young as 3 months old, you can give your baby a strong start in life.  
I was allowed to review the 5 part Monki See set of D.V.D.'s from Intell Baby.  I began with the "Baby's First Words" video.  My grandson is 13 mths. old and is only saying a few understandable words so I figured we needed to begin here.
Braxton, my grandson, loved this video!  He has only been watching this for 1 week and I can see him trying to say new words like, "nose" and "eyes". He watches this D.V.D like crazy.  He gets so excited with the monkeys.  I can't wait to see how he is talking after a month of watching these movies.
Parents who have tried these D.V.D's praise them with stories such as:
"I started teaching my son on December 6th, 2008.  He is 9 months old. I show him three words for 5 days and then I change to the next three words. After reading he can dance with Skip and Howie and the DVD.  It is so much fun when I tell him - He is the best son of the world- and then he dances in his diaper "...
Thank you!

"Bravo!! What a great product for babies and toddlers. MonkiSee has been a big hit in our home!! My son absolutely loves watching the video. When we take out the flash cards for lessons he comes running over- its amazing how they capture his attention. 
The other 4 D.V.D's I reviewed were these:
All About Colors vol.2
All About Shapes vol.3
Around the House
Action Words
This wonderful set of D.V.D's would be a wonderful asset to any home with babies.  My other grandson is 4 years old and he is loving these videos as well.  I will definitely be purchasing him the reading books.
Wouldn't your child love these for Christmas? They will last so much longer than the average toy and the rewards will be tremendous.
Visit the Intellectual Baby website to check out all the information on this amazing product.
*These videos are 30 min. long and they are in English, Full Screen and in color.
Would you like to win this set of 5 Intellectual Baby D.V.D's for your child?
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  1. I am SO excited! Thank you SO much! I have been wanting to get this for my youngest!!!


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