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Nov 5, 2012

Last Night I Had A Laughmare Childrens Book review/giveaway


  Last Night I Had A Laughmare by J.E Laufer is a great book to read to those little sleepyheads in your house.  Sometimes going to sleep can be a little scary and it takes a good bedtime story to help bring on those yawns and droopy eyes.  Even more help at this time is a funny book and this book is definitely funny.  Going to sleep happy is bound to make your children sleep better.

  In Giggleville fun times are everywhere.  Spaghetti is used for shoestrings and hair is purple.  Join Smellyfeet, LiverLips, Dishes and Purplepudding  who live in this funny town.  Your children will be laughing from page to page as you tell them a story with mixed up settings and crazy words.  They will be bursting into giggles as you tell them another hilarious tale.
  Last Night I Had A Laughmare is published by Little Egg Publishing and you can buy it online for $16.95
  I love this book!  It will make a great stocking stuffer for all those little darlings in your house.  I recommend everyone buying this book - you will be glad you did.  If you would like to win this book then please enter my rafflecopter and Good Luck!

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