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Nov 4, 2012

PinyPon Mini-Doll & Nenuco Doll review


On Friday I hosted a Pinypon party sponsored by MommyParties, with my grandaughter and some of her friends.  Pinyon is the newest line of customisable and collectible mini-dolls to hit the toy world.  These little dolls come with so many interchangeable pieces and accessories that you can change your doll up with.
We had  fashion show party with our Pinypon's.  Each girl dresses her doll with the easy, snap in place, interchangeable piece.  Some mini dolls had flowers in their hair or purses on their hips.  Each Pinypon had a name given to them by the girls.  They paraded the dolls out on a make believe runway and each doll turned all around to show off her attire and accessory.  It was darling.

I love how there are 2 facial expressions on the dolls, one on front and one on the back.  You can change out the hair as well as the clothes.  These dolls will keep your little girl busy for hours with all the imaginary play she brings with her.
Above is Pinypon's Walk-In-Closet.  It can hold the doll, clothes and a lot of accessories.  Just fold it up and carry it on your way.  The closet is sold separately as well as a House, Camper Van, Hotel and more.
Each girl sipped on hot tea and ate cookies at our fashion show.  In the end they each received 2 Pinypon dolls, a set of coupons for mom to purchase more Pinypons and a certificate foe coming to the party.  It was a great party and everyone loved attending.
Check out Pinypon's facebook page too!

The girls were also allowed to play with the real acting baby from Nenuco.  This baby doll is adorable!  She comes with a sippy cup, potty and her pacifier.  The girls loved feeding this baby and changing her clothes.  
The baby is great for role playing as mommy's and we even had a pretend baby sitter.  I would recommend every little girl having their very own baby doll from Nenuco.  It is awesome!
Today was a really fun day at my house for the girls.  The fashion show with the Polypon dolls and the playtime with the baby doll from Nenuco.  Thanks again to these companies and to MommyParties for asking us to be part of the play for these great toys.
Doll and Pinypons can be found at Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and KMart. Checkout Nenuco's facebook page too!

*These dolls can be found listed on my Christmas Gift Guide.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The review of these products are strictly my own opinion.

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