Apr 18, 2013

"Mother India : Life Through The Eyes Of The Orphan" DVD review

DVD  review

I recently reviewed a heart touching video for Word Films.  This film is titled, "Mother India: Life Through The Eyes Of The Orphan."  The film takes place in a large town in India where 2 men, David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoha, have came to produce a first-time film.  While they are there, they soon find a real reason for the film, the orphans of India.  With more than 31 million children left to die or live off the streets, 25 of these orphans become friends with David and Shawn.

Each orphan has a name and story to tell of how they became orphaned. Some have handicaps and are addicted to cigarettes and inhaling harmful fumes.  These 25 children show the film makers what goes on in their daily lives.  Begging for food from the train stations and the passengers, sleeping in filth ridden areas, and never getting away from this life.  
There are 2 small children, a girl -7 and a boy -3 who are part of this group.  David and Shawn try their best to get these 2 into an orphanage, Harvest India.  It is not an easy task to do but by the end of the film it was looking good for the 2 children.
This film will definitely make you want to reach out and help these children.  It made me so sad to know that millions of children live this way.  It also will make you stop and think how lucky your children are to have a good home, parents and food.  These are things that many of the orphans of India will never be able to know.
If you would like to find out more about this film please visit wordfilms.com
Here is a short clip from the film:

I recommend you watching this film.  It is startling and some parts are upsetting, but it is reality.  Reality to the 25 children in this film and reality to the other 31 million left unwanted and orphaned.
If you would like to sponsor an orphan from India please visit the website here to get all the information.

*Thanks to Word Films for allowing me to review this product.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I reviewed this film as part of a sponsorship review.

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