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Nov 18, 2013

1 Girl Nation on CD Review/Giveaway

 It is very hard today to find music that you can let your pre-teen and teens listen to.  With so many songs on the radio using bad words, talking about body parts and even drugs, what is a parent to do?  
 I was sent a CD by a group called 1 Girl Nation and this music is wonderful.  No worries here about this group's music being appropriate for your child because it is.  This group of 5 beautiful girls sing upbeat pop music and their lyrics are about living their life for God.

  1 Girl Nation consists of: Lindey, Kayli, Lauren Taylor, Carmen and Kelsey.  The girls first single has already hit the top of the charts.  With the song, "While We're Young", this group is heading up, up and away.
 I love this song and so does my 10 year old grandaughter.  This song says that the girls are saving themselves from heartache and that they want to  just live for Jesus right now.  Wow! What a wonderful message this group's music displays to the world.  Listen to this #1 song from 1 Girl Nation:

  Download the album on iTunes and now.  Catch them in Windsor , Canada tomorrow night.  Tickets are $12.00 and man it is going to be fun!  The Crazy Hair Tour—Secret Keeper Girl’s fourth themed tour— is a Bible-based relationship-building experience for moms and their tween daughters (typically ages 8-12). The two and a half hour event features a live concert, fun fashion show that demonstrates modesty, incredible balloon sculptures, bouncing beach ball competitions, mother/daughter conversation time & colorful confetti cannons and comes with a crazy proposal to have fun. Joining SKG will be new girl group 1 Girl Nation who will be opening each evening.
  1 Girl Nation is spreading the love of their savior Jesus Christ through their music. If one song reaches just 1 girl then that alone is what it's all about.

 My grandaughter wants to meet the girls and have then sing at her church.  Maybeyou can see them in concert  but, until then you must purchase this amazing CD for your kids.  I promise they will love it.  What a great stocking stuffer gift or it would make a good gift for kids to share with their friends.  You just need to buy it for the music lover in your life and I bet they will love it.
 Check out the t-shirts, cd's, wrist bands and other accessorires from the 1 Girl Nation Website.
 Right now one of my lucky readers will win a CD of 1 Girl Nation.  So enter my contest and Good Luck!

*I was not monetarily compencated for this review.
*The opinions of the products are strickly my own.
*I received this product for review purposes only,
*Thanks to FlyBy Promotions for allowing me to work with you.

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